About Us:

New Tides Conservation was founded in 2017 by Hannah Richey.

“As a child, I had so much love for the ocean and everything in it. At 6 years old, all I talked about was wanting to “Save the sharks.” Now, as a college student studying marine biology, I have gotten so many amazing opportunities to work with and study the ocean. Sharks have had a special place in my heart. I watched my first episode of shark week at 5 years old and I have been fascinated ever since. At such a young age, I didn’t fully understand what shark finning was, but as I watched something I loved be cut apart on screen, it broke my heart. Ever since then I have tried to find my own ways to help save sharks and plan to further my studies after I graduate. I started New Tides Conservation to try and make a difference and to educate people about what’s happening in our oceans. I’m currently employed on the education team at Sea Life Aquarium and I love every part of it. My day consists of 7am food prep for the animals or getting to meet new people and talk to them about all of the amazing animals we have. It truly is a blessing to be in the position I’m in and to continue to trek towards my goals. Currently on my site I write weekly blogs about endangered species and am selling bracelets to support shark conservation organizations. Thank you everyone for all of the support!”

- Hannah Richey (New Tides founder)