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A 12 Year Old's Love of Sharks

My recent blog post was a research paper I wrote in my college English course this year. Earlier this week, my Dad found an old essay I wrote in 2012 about sharks. Although my 12 year old self's grammar wasn't up to par, it shows how passionate I was at such a young age, and how far that passion has brought me. I thought it would be nice to share, and hopefully encourage you to never give up on your dreams or what your'e passionate about. Enjoy!

My friends and I at the Dallas World Aquarium

Written 3/4/2012

Sharks: By Hannah

Sharks are very amazing creatures, but they are really unusual in their own unique way. Sharks sunbathe in shallow water and can actually get little tans. Sharks travel from 0 to 50 mph in less than five seconds. They also have small ears on the sides of their heads. Additionally, there are many different types of shark species and sizes. Some sharks are very small and can grow up to 2ft long, while others grow up to 45ft long. An average length of a shark depends on the type of species. However, it is usually around 25ft long. Shark teeth are extremely exciting to study. Because of the various shapes of their teeth, collecting them is interesting and fun. Their teeth can be large, small, sharp, pointed, and ridged. Others, even look like a saw blade due to small sharp edges on the sides for cutting prey. Sharks are truly special and unique in their own way.

Sharks are such special creatures, but sadly over seventy-three million sharks are killed every year. Due to shark fining in China, many are in danger of becoming extinct. A large number of people eat a the soup on special occasions. Fishing boats go out into shark infested waters; the fishermen catch the shark and cut off the fins for the soup and decoration. Next, the fishermen throw the finned shark into the water and leave it to drown. When I first heard about sharks being killed like this, I wanted to do something about it. I was so hurt that people would kill an innocent creature for their own selfish needs. I have told many friends and family members about this horrible cruelty to sharks and they had the same reaction as I did. Comments on website pages have mentioned how brutal and mean it is to watch what uncaring people do to these poor animals.

People kill sharks for many reasons, but mostly for decoration purposes, food, and clothing. All three of these reasons are why so many sharks are now extinct. Most Chinese restaurants serve shark related food and sell items including shark skin purses and shoes. Also, many Chinese stores sell dried shark fins, shark skins, and even baby sharks. Lastly, shark meat is sold in local markets and restaurants where they're fished.

Sharks need to be protected so the ocean and food chain will be balanced. If people continue to kill sharks, over seventy-three million sharks will die and everything in the ocean will become out of balance and it will even affect us. Sharks are very amazing creatures, so we need to protect them. To help save sharks, don’t buy any shark related product including tooth necklaces, jaw bones, and any clothing or food items. Stand up for sharks and save them from being killed and becoming extinct forever. Send out an S.O.S and save our sharks.

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