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Endangered Species: Whale Sharks

The Whale Shark

One of the most mesmerizing animals in the ocean is the whale shark. These gentle giants are always sure to impress; with their strong, graceful moving bodies, and their white freckles, they are nothing short of amazing. Whale sharks are known to be great with human interaction (scuba divers... etc) and are identified as a great animal to swim with. As gentle-natured as these animals are, like most sharks, they are being killed for the shark fin trade. A source from from Project Passenger Pigeon wrote:

Whale sharks are hunted for the oil from their livers, which is used to waterproof boats, and for their meat, which is eaten in many parts of Asia. In addition, whale sharks increasingly fall victim to the practice of "finning", in which the fin of a live shark is sliced off and the animal is thrown overboard to die.

There are reported to be only 7,100 whale sharks in the ocean, and this number continues to drop. Whale sharks are just one of millions upon millions of sharks that are killed every year for their fins. As heartbreaking as this is, there are ways YOU can help. Take a stand and help protect these animals. Below are some ways you can help save sharks! Fins belong to sharks, not to us.


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