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Adventure Awaits You: My Scuba Certification Experience

One of the most exciting experiences is being underwater and seeing a whole new world in front of you. I have wanted to see this for myself ever since I was little, and it has been a major goal of mine to become certified. As of 9/27/2020, I received my PADI open water diver certification and am officially a scuba diver! I am very excited to finally be apart of the underwater world, and I cannot wait for all of the memories that await me. The next step in my certification is the advanced level, and hopefully a master diver certification for long term. Diving with sharks was my main drive to becoming certified, and even though I struggled in some skills, I pushed through knowing that seeing sharks up close would be totally worth the hard work. I encourage you to never give up on your dreams, and continue taking small steps to further your career. Join a beach or lake cleanup, do volunteer work, sign up for internships, and pursue your passion! Nothing is ever out of reach and never give up; I learned that from the overwhelming support from colleagues, friends, and family.

My first diving experience will be a memory I carry with me forever. I earned my certification at The Scuba Ranch in Terrell, Texas. My local dive shop, Scuba Frisco (TX), provided me with excellent instructors. I have never felt so much support in an environment, and they made it their utmost goal to ensure success for all their students. When I first arrived for my pool session, I struggled with the mask flood and mask removal skills. I had trouble trying to only breath through the regulator when my nose was exposed to the water. The instructors took the time to personally work with me and I finally was able to complete my skills confidently. It took support, patience, and a good amount of time for me to be able to do the masks skills, but once I was able to do it, I was overjoyed. After I successfully put my mask back on underwater and cleared the water from it, I couldn't help but smile through my regulator, which caused more water to go in, but it was okay in that moment. My open water sessions had the same amount of support from each instructor as I did at the pool. I struggled again with the first mask flood skill, but another instructor was right there to get me through it.

I hope this encourages you to never give up, even if it seems like you can't do it, there is always a way. Adventure awaits you, go chase your dreams and be apart

of something amazing. Below are some pictures of myself and my group from my open water weekend.

First Image: Dive Buddy (left): Mandy Matthew, Myself (right)