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Who I Am

My name is Hannah, I've decided to blog about Marine Conservation because the ocean has always been a passion of mine. I love marine life so much and I felt it was best for me to finally step up and do something to help what I love most. My blog will consist of weekly facts about endangered species, how to help save them, and what you can do to help our oceans in general. I am currently a junior in college, and I hope to pursue a career in Marine Biology and either become an animal trainer, researcher, or underwater photographer. Ever since I visited my first aquarium, I fell in love with marine life, but sharks caught my eye. As I furthered my research I learned of their endangerment and knew I had to help. After College I plan to join or start my own conservation group and help protect these amazing animals. I do hope you stick with me and follow me on my journey. If you would like to, please subscribe so you can receive updates for my blog and other great info about our seas! :)



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Clownfish in Aquarium